Prison Ministry

Get Involved

There are many ways to be involved in Jesus Is The Key Ministries.

For some, it comes in volunteering to go into the prisons and jail to assist in providing services.  Some with the gift of teaching, some with the gift of encouragement, and some with the gift of interceding through prayer.

Some who are trained in counseling do one on one counseling with inmates, either in the chaplain offices, or walking the tiers or cell rows talking and praying with those who are not able to participate in group services.

Some are called to be prayer warriors on the outside to support the teams and intercede for those attending services.

Some are called to support financially to allow us to provide Bibles, as well as periodical publications and devotionals like the Daily Bread, In Touch, and other materials. We also provide Christian testimony materials to encourage them with the stories of those who have been incarcerated and have been used by God in miraculous ways after coming to Christ.

 Each month Jesus Is The Key Ministries is involved in:

  • Approximately 20 Bible Studies / church services in the prisons and jail where each service draws anywhere from 15 to 120 inmates in attendance, typically impacting over 500 men and women each month with sharing God’s love and teaching God’s Word!
  • Counseling individually with dozens of inmates
  • Providing  hundreds of Bibles as well as periodicals and other literature